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Zillionaire is a fun and challenging way to play and learn. With the Game Maker you can create your own royalty-free games. You can give the games to family, friends, employees, students, etc., or sell them to customers. Businesses can create games for innovative ways to train and communicate with employees.

With the GameMaker, you can create your own trivia games and sell them, give them away, whatever you want to do on a royalty-free basis. That's right: royalty-free, you keep the proceeds from anything you sell. You create the questions that go into the game, and your game players have all of the fun! No programming required, and you can continue to add questions to your game for additional updates and upgrades. You can create as many games as you want.

This is also a great learning tool for teachers who want to give their students creative ways to spend time learning facts and details about a particular subject, or for those who want an innovative way to train others.

The Game Player is free to download, copy and distribute as long as it is not modified. You can distribute the Game Player with your question files and the game will look like your own original creation! Again, with no programming required!

The Game Maker is shareware. It is free to download and try out, but you will need a registration code to fully unlock all of the Game Maker's great capabilities. To obtain a registration code, please see below.

Click here to download the Game Maker v2.0,
Game Player v2.0, and a sample game "Disney Challenge"

and start creating your own software for sale or personal enjoyment.

Price: $14.00

Click here to purchase your registration code for $14.

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